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GLiv is an OpenGL image viewer, image loading is done via Gdk-pixbuf bundled with GTK+-2.6, rendering with OpenGL and the graphical user interface uses GTK+ with GtkGLExt.


GLiv is very fast and smooth at rotating, panning and zooming if you have an OpenGL accelerated graphics board. It supports thumbnails and navigating through them using two images menus and a browser.


Alpha blended transitions between images allow nice slide shows. GLiv can be configured to automatically start a slide show when launched, with a given time period between images.


The "Directories" menu allows to browse the images with a submenu per directory. Every menu is detachable. All detached menus can be quickly hidden or shown with a single key press.


On the contrary, the "Images" menu shows the flat list of all loaded images. It makes browsing faster when few images are loaded.


The thumbnails browser is another way to navigate between images. Loading image thumbnails can be greatly accelerated using a GLiv collection. A GLiv collection is a single file containing a list of filenames and associated thumbnails. This help quickly recreating the images menus and the thumbnails browser.


"Actions" are shell commmand, as well as their key bindings, that can added to GLiv. An action can be triggered either on the currently displayed file or on all loaded files.

And above all GLiv has a stunning logo ;-)


Tip Note that gliv-1.9.7 is probably the last release of GLiv. Other image viewers like Eye of GNOME are now sufficiently fast that I don’t use GLiv anymore. There will be new releases only if I receive bug reports.

GLiv is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL version 2 or (at your option) any later version.

You will need GtkGLExt and GTK+ ≥ 2.6. The latest version is GLiv 1.9.7 (NEWS), available here: gliv-1.9.7.tar.bz2 or gliv-1.9.7.tar.gz.

RPMS: gliv-1.9.7-1.src.rpm or gliv-1.9.7-1.i386.rpm and the amd64 version gliv-1.9.7-1.x86_64.rpm (compiled on Ubuntu Maverick, as RPMs for historical reasons).

Freecode project page to stay informed:

Git repository hosted on To get a snapshot of gliv with a complete history, use the following command:

git clone git://

Please contact me for any suggestion, problem, feedback…

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